New Music Ensemble

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Directed by John Yarling, the New Music Ensemble at the Frost School of Music studies and performs the music of a wide variety of modern improvisers and composers such as John Abercrombie, Mark Turner, Kris Davis, Ralph Alessi, Myra Melford, Tim Berne, Gerald Cleaver, Dave Douglas, and Drew Gress. Students in this ensemble develop free improvisation/real-time composition skills using solo, duo, and larger group formats.

The New Music Ensemble was chosen as one of six groups to perform at the Monterey Next Generation Jazz Festival competition in 2018.

The group has also been featured on the UM Frost Jazz Hour in the WDNA 88.9 FM Jazz Gallery.

About the Course

The course includes an in-depth study of motivic development, extended techniques, textural techniques, group communication, and form creation in the context of improvisation. Throughout the semester, the focus is on stylistic integrity, group interaction, and melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic creativity.

The ensemble meets twice a week and performs concerts on the University of Miami campus and around South Florida.