Funk / Fusion Ensemble

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Funk / Fusion EnsembleThe Frost School of Music's Funk/Fusion Ensemble has won the prestigious Downbeat Student Music Award every year since 2002.

Essentially a composer’s workshop, the repertoire, and instrumentation vary from year to year. The underlying philosophy is to play to the strengths of the musicians in the group, as opposed to having a predetermined idea of a particular sound or style.

Former members of this creative and exciting group include:

  • Veronica Swift
  • Federico Vindver
  • Nate Stokes
  • Jeff Babko
  • Clay Ostwald
  • Andrew Synowiec
  • Brendan Buckley
  • Chris Hartz
  • Jonathan Joseph
  • Gabriel Vivas
  • Kevin Stevens
  • Ludwig Afonso
  • Van Romaine

About the course

Directed by Steve Rucker, Funk/Fusion Ensemble rehearses twice a week, records, and performs concerts locally and on campus. Students will acquire skills while learning repertoire and performance techniques leading to an advanced performance level. 

The course aims to:

  • Develop interactive skills between soloists and the rhythm section.
  • Expand knowledge of a wide range of styles.
  • Develop appropriate sounds and equipment necessary for the compositions created by the group.
  • Strengthen compositional and arranging skills.
Every student must contribute original compositions and arrangements to the ensemble's repertoire.