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Frost School of Music Dean Berg presenting Frost Alum, Ben Folds, at the 2015 Festival Miami Concert Series Frost School of Music Dean Berg presenting Frost Alum, Ben Folds, at the 2015 Festival Miami Concert Series
Frost School of Music Dean Berg presenting Frost Alum, Ben Folds, at the 2015 Festival Miami Concert Series

What will I be able to do after I graduate?

It's the most common question entering students (and their parents) have when contemplating a music education. To help answer that question we have compiled a list of alumni. The intent is to provide a sampling of all the nooks and crannies of the music business in which Frost School of Music jazz graduates have built successful careers. The order is alphabetical, not by the degree of fame and fortune, but listed by instrument major. We urge you to explore the list; you will see familiar names, but perhaps more interesting are the less familiar graduates who are actively involved in the art and commerce of music, following both traditional and innovative paths.

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Rob Amster
Steve Bailey
Chuck Bergeron
Javier Carrion
Jorge Casas
Don Coffman
Marc Davidovits
Eric England
JB Dyas
Mark Egan
Frank Gravis
Leo Huppert
Will Lee
Curtis Lundy
Dennis Marks
Nicky Orta
Joe Rehmer
James Wesley Stemple



For more info on UM drummers go to: 

Pete Abbott
Ludwig Afonso
Carlomagno Araya
Norman Arnold
Marty Beller
Brendan Buckley
Olbin Burgos
Chris DeRosa
Etienne Fuentes
Tom Giampietro
Danny Gottlieb
Matt Hankle
Graham Hawthorne
Jonathan Joseph
Lee Levin
Marko Marcinko
Austin McMahon
Rod Morgenstein
John Molo
Mark Poiesz
Jeff Quay
Jano Rix
Roberto Juan Rodriguez
Van Romaine
Steve Rucker
Randy Schrager
Einar Scheving
Kevin Stevens
Mike Sturgis
Jason Sutter
Ed Tothn
David Vincola


Piano / Keyboard

Jeff Babko
Martin Bejerano
Jay Bianchi
Doug Bickel
Cliff Carter
Gabe Dixon
Laurence Elder
Andy Ezrin
Andrew Fisher
Mark Egan
Jim Gasior
Mike Gerber
Gil Goldstein
Darrell Grant
Bruce Hornsby
Matt Harris
Landon Knoblock
Chuck Mahronic
Don Militello
T Lavitz
Mike Levine
Mike Orta
Clay Ostwald
Clay Perry
Jon Regenc
Brian Robertson
Robert Rodriguez
David Roitstein
Gabe Saientz
Matt Serletic
Phil Strange
Jim Trompeter


Luis Aquino
Chad Bernstein (Spam All Stars)
John Bailey
Bud Burridge
Jason Carder
Kevin Dean
Tom Garling
Craig Gosnell
Roger Ingram
Jeff Kievit
Jeremy Levy
Doug Liebinger
John Lovell
Brian MacDonald
Peter McGuiness
Brett Murphey
Trevor Neumann
Alex Norris
Matt Pierson
Miguel Rodriguez
Isidore Rudnick
Walter White
Brett Stamps
Bill Stevens
Dana Teboe
Eric Foster White



Randy Bernsen
Paul Bollenback
Hiram Bullock
Teddy Castellucci
Doug Cuomo
Randall Dollahon
John Hart
Chris Jentsch
Randy Johnston
Jonathan Kreisburg
Ted Kumpel
Tom Lippincott
Pat Metheny
Raul Midon
Brian Monroney
Steve Morse
Andrew Synowiec
Ross Traut
Dan Warner



Michele Amato
Tim Brent
David Clemmons
Ann Curless
Julia Dollison
Carmen Lundy
Lisann Lyons
Raul Midon
Wendy Pedersen
Jackie Presti
Patti Scialfa
Jon Secada
Lari White


Eric Allison
Kenny Anderson
Mike Babcock
Peter Brewer
Mike Brignola
Ed Calle
Mike Campagna
Gary Campbell
Joe Cohen
Marc Colby
Todd Delgiudice
Ron Dziubla
Alan Ett
Dave Fernandez
Lino Gomez
Perry Greenfield
Steve Grove
John Gunther
Kirk Hamilton
Todd Darcy Hepner
Rob Holmes
Aaron Irwin
Dave Jachimiak
Gary Keller
Steve Kenyon
Jeff King
Dan Kinzelman
Jeff Kirk
Adam Kolker
Jason Kush
Tyler Kuebler
Amy Lee
Gary Lindsay
Michael P Lynch, PHD
Rick Margitza
Joel McNeely
Chip McNeil
Andy Middleton
Tom Mitchell
Doug Moffett
Tom Moon
Steve Pardo
Tivon Pennicott
Marco Pignataro
David Pope
Troy Roberts
Paul Roth
Kent Sangster
Chris Shade
Whit Sidener
Nathan Parker Smith
Andy Snitzer
Andrew Sterman
Gottfried Stoger
Francois Theberge
Michael Thomas
Tom Timko
Mike Todd
Bobby Watson
George Weremchuk
Howard Weiss
Brandon Wright
Jack Wilkins


Studio Jazz Writing

Scott Cowan
Marc Dennis
Gary Lindsay
Joel McNeely
Veigar Meirgusson
Jesse Milliner
Scott Routenberg
Ted Sheibar
James Wesley Stemple
Scott Stroman