Masters in Jazz Pedagogy

The mission of the Master of Music program in Jazz Pedagogy is to provide students with a platform to continue their growth as artists while simultaneously creating opportunities for vocational training in the field of jazz education. The overriding goal is to prepare students for careers as both artists and educators by giving them high-level training and experience in both fields.

Jazz Pedagogy is a unique two-year course of study that includes private instruction on the student’s principal instrument and full participation in the jazz ensemble program at Frost. Students take a wide range of jazz courses that include advanced improvisation, advanced arranging, and composition. Additionally, pedagogical training and experience are garnered through a broad range of courses such as: The Teaching Artist, World of the Working Musician, seminars in jazz pedagogy, and a course in Jazz Cultures taught by renowned musicologist and jazz scholar Dr. David Ake.

The culminating project for this program is a digital portfolio created by the student. The focus of this portfolio is to highlight student skills and abilities in a multitude of areas, in order to enhance job opportunities and sustainable careers in a continually evolving music industry.

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